Katt is one of my studio mates, and she is also a photographer. So one sunny day, we decided to walk around the building and take some photos of each other, and now we've got enough bio pics to last us for a few years! These are just some fun moments from our day.


Don't you just love kids at weddings, they bring a real sense of fun and ease to the day!


After our portrait shoot, Snez and I went to Tacos El Asador for some delicious burritos. If you've never been to this place, you must go now! It's the smallest place ever, but it has a real atmosphere and the food is the real deal!


This is my amazing sister, Snjezana! She has always been such a supportive force in my life and career, but she's also a fantastic shiatsu therapist, so taking care of my health and well being also! She is about to launch a new business that incorporates shiatsu and giving back to the community, stay tuned!

Esther & Ben part 2

Remember Esther and Ben, well, here they are again, about to get their party on!

How amazing is this cake topper? Ben designed and painted them himself, and if that's not amazing enough, they represent the two of them plus their two kitties, who also made it onto their invitations! I love it when the whole family is included!

Esther & Ben part 1

This is Esther and Ben. They had a lovely wedding last November, when it was still nice enough to go outside for some beautiful fall pictures. They were married at The Rosewater Supper Club, which is such a classy and elegant location, not to mention the beautiful all-day light! Here's some delicious highlights from their day!


The dress

I don't know about you, but the moment I see the dress is one of my favourite of the day! There are as many different dresses as there are brides, and when you find the one that's right for you, you just know it. Happy dress hunting!


Adam is my husband; he is also a writer and a DJ! He also makes the best fish stew ever, amongst other things! What's not to love!

The other love of my life, I present Pippin! Yes, I am a cat lady, but am very friendly to dogs as well.


Nice to meet you! Here are a few pics that my lovely husband, Adam, took of me a while back.

Mom and me in front of their old place! Focus can be tricky sometimes, but I kind of like this picture.

Saying goodbye to the old place.