Juli & John get married!

Juli and John's wedding was pretty spectacular! Their total number of guests was 24, and that included the two of them, which made for a real close and intimate day. The lovely ceremony and the amazing seven course meal that followed, so deliciously prepared by chef Ezra Title, were both held at their Junction shop, Mjolk, whose aesthetic perfectly suited the theme of the wedding. I am so thrilled to have been able to capture and be a witness to all the beautiful details and real emotion shared by the two of them and their guests! Have a peek for yourself.


A2D2 sisters

Remember when it was all warmth and sunshine? Well, in case you're starting to get sick of winter (ahem), here's a shoot I did with the A2D2 sisters amidst the golden colours of autumn. These ladies are not only gorgeous, they are extremely talented aerialist performers, and I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of their weddings, which, of course, included some aerialist acts. How's that for a teaser?!?