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For Keeps

Everyone’s got something they can’t throw away. Sometimes the “why” is obvious – it’s an heirloom or a collectible – but sometimes it’s not clear at all. Maybe you keep stitching up the thumb on your grubby mittens or gluing the handle back on your dollar store mug. For one reason or another you’ve become attached…

FOR KEEPS is an exhibition of ordinary objects made extraordinary by the efforts their owners have made to recognize, save, store, and repair – and our own desire to assign value and meaning in a disposable society. Some of the objects contributed include a 1920s Palestinian dress, ripped open for an emergency delivery (and subsequently restitched), and a pair of decaying teddy bear passed down and loved through generations. Oh, and socks.

FOR KEEPS features work by and contribution from Serene Daoud, Becky Johnson, Leah Buckareff, Angela Turner, Jacqueline Lawson, Mary Kroetsch, Alison L. Pearce and Grant Heaps/ The National Ballet of Canada. Curated by Jen Anisef and Marsya Maharani, featuring photography by yours truly.

Opening Reception on Thursday, December 9th
Exhibition runs through December 21, 2010
Cream Tangerine Gallery, 1087 Queen St W, Toronto
RSVP and stay in the loop at the FOR KEEPS Facebook event.