Why I love summer, part two

The beach!!! 'nuf said, I think! Note to self: spend more time at the beach.


Elisa & Tony

Get ready to fall in love!! Elisa and Tony are so sweet and loving with each other, and not to mention mighty adorable, that I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them! We took photos in the harbour, we climbed the most magical tree, we nestled in the grass, we pretty much covered it all, even threw in some acrobatics (by the way, Elisa runs the coolest contemporary circus and dance company, truly beautiful and unique experience). I had so much fun, I really can not wait for their wedding to witness the joy all over again.


Why I love summer, part one

I would have to say that summer is my favourite season. Partially it's because my birthday is in the summer, but there are so many other reasons: the heat, the sun, the lazy afternoons in the park, cool bubbly drinks and long, hot evenings are just a few. There's nothing like celebrating summer with some good friends, yummy cupcakes and wild flowers at the cutest little cottage in the woods. It truly was magical!